NEW GROUPS STARTING SPRING 2021. To inquire about future availability please e-mail directly at Group content may be available to purchase in the near future. All groups are private pay (no insurance accepted) and telehealth.



Our world is growing and changing and our philosophies stay unchanged. How do we keep our balance and continue to grow? How can ancient knowledge benefit modern society? What do psychic and other phenomena tell us about how the world and humans function that science does not yet understand? How do psychology and spirituality intersect and what benefit is there to questioning things? This is a group for collectively exploring topics related to consciousness. It is not a class and it is not a satsang (group worship). Expect to show up with something to contribute to discussion and also open to unexpected insights.

ECO-ANXIETY:Global warming, pollution, politics, accelerating social changes. These are new and scary times. Add our own personal struggles with finances, out-of-control emotions or relationships and it's not surprising so many people want off the merry-go-round. These issues feel very personal but there is comfort and relief in addressing the anxiety they produce together, as a community. This is an opportunity to come together and explore tools and resources, try out new ways of being, and grieve.